Американского хирурга сажают в тюрьму на 15 лет

Американского хирурга сажают в тюрьму на 15 лет

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Surgeon Who Inflated Breast Cancer Risk Jailed for 15 Years

Zosia Chustecka
May 31, 2017

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The British breast surgeon Ian Paterson, who was recently found guilty of "wounding with intent" after operating on patients unnecessarily, has now been sentenced to 15 years in jail.
The criminal court had heard evidence from 10 patients who had been operated on by Mr Paterson (as British surgeons are addressed) in private clinics in the Birmingham area, supposedly for breast cancer. The prosecution argued that Mr Paterson had greatly exaggerated and in some cases even invented the risk for breast cancer, and that the surgeries were unnecessary. In some cases, a biopsy would have sufficed.
A further 350 patients who had been treated privately (under Spire Healthcare) now plan to pursue civil action against him.

"Many victims of Paterson's private practice remain embroiled in a needlessly lengthy and stressful legal process," commented Kashmir Uppal, a medical negligence lawyer with Access Legal who is involved in some of the cases. He said in an interview with the the Telegraph: "This is torturing these poor women. On top of their physical and emotional scars, they are now suffering financial hardship."
The sentence was passed down today by Justice Jeremy Baker at Nottingham Crown Court.

Mr Patterson had been found guilty of 17 counts of "wounding with intent" as well as three counts of "unlawful wounding."
Addressing Mr Patterson, the judge said: "Each of these offences reflects the injury which you caused to 10 individuals, nine women and one man, over a 14-year period between 1997-2011.
"You carried out surgical procedures on their breasts, which you knew that no responsible body of duly qualified and experienced breast surgeons would have advised, because none of the procedures was necessary to maintain their health," he continued.

"You deliberately exaggerated the risk that the patient would develop cancer, and advised either the necessity of undergoing continued surveillance of their symptoms at further consultations or, on some occasions, the undertaking of various surgical procedures," the judge said.

None of the surgical procedures...was necessary to maintain their health. Justice Jeremy Baker

"The reality was that, unbeknown to the patients, there was little, if any, need for continued surveillance, and none of the surgical procedures, which are the subject matter of these offences, was necessary to maintain their health," he added.

The sentencing remarks list in detail the surgeries and other procedures that were performed on each of the 10 patients who took part in the criminal court proceedings.
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